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Cafe Reynders

Reijnders is a traditional Dutch brown café in the centre of Amsterdam. The café was founded in 1880 and it hasn’t changed much from what it was back then. Inside you will even find pictures of how it looked on the Leidseplein almost 100 years ago. Reijnders is full of stories and is well known by most Amsterdammers, young and old.

Inside Reijnders you have the choice to either sit at our long bar or to take a seat at a more secluded and private table. Reijnders is big enough to take a rest in from the busy streets of Amsterdam, but it still offers a lively atmosphere because of the lively bar so you will certainly not feel lonely.

If you would compare Reijnders to Hoopman or Hole in the wall, you will discover that Reijnders certainly does attract more Dutch people. Don’t be alarmed if you are not Dutch though, because Reijnders will certainly welcome you with a warm Dutch greeting.
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